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Menos Hiras: How to Master New Skills in Sports?

Menos Hiras believes that one of the essential things to have in sports is the willingness to learn continuously. If you want to grow as a sports player and master new skills, you need to know that learning is as vital as any other skill you pick up along the way. Here are some things to learn to master new skills in sports:

Always start with where you are currently at, not where you think you should be.
Lofty goals can be great, but not if you base them on what someone else is doing. If you want to learn and master a new skill in your sport, Menos Hiras believes that you need to acknowledge and accept that you are where you are currently at. No great sports player starts perfectly. Start with a big goal, but start little. So swallow your ego do not be too quick to fall for the “go big or go home” saying.

Step outside your comfort zone and develop a growth mindset.
Once you accept your starting point, Menos Hiras believes that the next step needs to be all about developing a growth mindset. Never let your limits define what you can achieve in sports. Ditch them, together with all the negative things you tell yourself. If you believe you can master a new skill, then you can. Aside from serious physical or health constraints, you have no other limits than your mindset. So start developing one that is all about improvement and learning. If you give it enough time, patience, and dedication, you will be able to do things you thought were impossible.

Practice and patience go hand-in-hand.
We all know that “practice makes perfect.” But Menos Hiras believes that mastering new skills should be more about progress and improvement instead of striving for perfection. Nothing and no one will ever be perfect. You just have to keep on improving. Be patient with yourself and make sure that you put in extra effort to master the skills that you want to master.


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