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Menos Hiras: How to be Better at Badminton?

Like any sport, Menos Hiras believes that badminton has many aspects that may not be clear to all players unless someone explains them. You need to understand these aspects to get better at badminton. If you want to be a better badminton player, you need to develop your speed, techniques, and strategy. Here are a few tips so you could get better at badminton:

Always warm-up.

If you want to be a better badminton player, Menos Hiras believes you need to ensure you properly prepare your body before you play. Warming up will help you prevent injuries by improving your blood flow and loosening your joints, making your muscles less vulnerable to harmful rips and tears.

Practice the basics.

Menos Hiras believes that getting better at badminton means going back to its basics. Dedicate your time to mastering fundamental skills and identifying and improving your weaknesses. One of the essential skills you need to master is hitting the shuttlecock’s center. It is the shuttlecock’s sweet spot and is the most optimal area to hit.

After playing a shot, it would be best to keep a central base position. Menos Hiras believes that returning to the middle of the court after you hit the shuttle places you in a position of readiness. It will be more challenging for your opponent to run you around to hit the shuttle in a place where you might not reach it.

It would be best if you also practice your short serves. Menos Hiras believes that whether you are playing doubles or singles, short serves can catch your opponent off guard. He might not know when to expect it and not be able to run up to return your serve in time. Hit the shuttle at a higher contact point and drop it closer to your racket to make sure you hit the short serve perfectly.

Improve your footwork.

Menos Hiras believes that footwork is one of the most vital aspects of badminton. You would not be able to return shots if you are not quick enough. It would be best if you stay on your toes, moving your feet up and down, back and forth, and side to side in small movements to position yourself to return the shot.


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