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Menos Hiras Shares Tips for Beginners at Basketball

When incorporating new practices into your training, Menos Hiras believes you need to remember that consistency and hard work always come together. The more hard work you consistently put in, the better your results and the higher your confidence will be. It will be a challenge to be consistent, but everything is very much worth it if you want to reach your goals. Here are some tips so you could be better at basketball.

  1. Improve your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses. Menos Hiras believes that one of the essential things you need to do to improve your basketball skills is to understand how you currently impact your game. To do this, you need to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Focus on improving your weaknesses and eventually eliminate them so you could be well-rounded in all of the game’s aspects.
  1. Make sure you stay physically fit. Besides making sure that you know your game’s strengths and weaknesses, Menos Hiras believes it is also vital to improve your physical fitness. No matter how much you master basketball skills, you cannot use them properly if you are out of shape. You need to constantly improve your endurance, speed, and overall fitness if you want to be an elite player.
  1. Master your ball control and dribbling skills. Menos Hiras believes that one of the easiest ways to be better in basketball is developing your dribbling skills. The more power you put on your dribbles, the more control you will have over the ball. It will keep the ball near your shot pocket and help you become a more efficient shooter. If you want to master the skill better, Menos Hiras advises that you practice dribbling with both your hands during daily practice at game speed. You also need to master three ball-handling moves: between legs, behind the back, and crossover. Once you master these three moves, you can easily create combinations of dribbles.

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