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Menos Hiras Shares 4 Mistakes You Need to Avoid While Working Out

Not many people know the things they should never do during workout sessions. Menos Hiras believes that these little things you do during your workout can often be harmful, and people should know what these practices are. Here are four mistakes you need to avoid while working out:

1. Losing good posture
Menos Hiras believes proper posture is key to maximizing exercises. It refers to your body’s alignment against the forces of gravity on your body. It also distributes these forces throughout your entire body and prevents a single part from becoming overtaxed. If you want to avoid injuries, keeping a good posture is vital to avoid putting too much pressure on a single structure.

2. Holding your breath
When you notice that your face is turning red when doing exercises, most likely, it is because you are holding your breath. It happens because there is a sudden surge of blood to your heart, which disrupts your cardiac rhythm. Menos Hiras believes it is dangerous when it happens because it can send your blood pressure soaring, which can eventually cause heart failure in people with existing conditions.

3. Working through too much pain
There is a famous saying that says, “no pain, no gain.” But Menos Hiras believes it is vital for you to know the difference between good and bad pain, and joint pain is terrible pain. If you feel pain in your joints, you should stop and rest. Remember that you should never ignore your body’s natural pain signals.

4. Letting your knees go off in different directions
Menos Hiras believes that one of the most common mistakes committed by fitness beginners is they allow their knees to drop outward, inward, or pitch out in front of their toes. It can cause knee problems and intense pain, which can cause difficulty in walking. What you should do is use your knees to track directly over your toes.


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