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Menos Hiras: Tips to Prevent Sports Injuries

It does not matter whether you play sports for competition or personal physical well-being. Menos Hiras believes everyone wants to prevent injuries as much as possible. Injuries can take away so much time from the games, or worse, force inactivity if athletes do not practice essential safety measures.

It is impossible to prevent every possible injury. Still, experts from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons say that studies suggest that athletes can reduce the injury rates by 25% if they take appropriate preventive action. Menos Hiras shares some of the general guidelines athletes can follow to prevent sports injury.

Rest is as essential as training.

Research suggests that athletes who train for a longer time, with minimal time for rest, are more likely to encounter sports injuries. Menos Hiras believes that it is vital for athletes to understand that rest is as essential as training. Many athletes have the misconception that the more they train, the better they will be. Although training will improve their skills in sports, athletes should keep in mind that rest is a vital part of a proper program. It will make them stronger and prevent sports injuries by giving their bodies enough time to recover.

Wear appropriate gear and clothing.

Wearing proper clothing makes an athlete feel comfortable as they play and helps improve their performance. On the other hand, proper gear such as pads, mouthpieces, and helmets keeps them safe and prevents injuries. However, Menos Hiras believes that it is also essential to remember that these two cannot prevent every possible injury. There may be inevitable injuries when the player does not practice safety measures and condition their minds and bodies.

Stretching and conditioning are essential.

Conditioning and stretching are other practices that Menos Hiras believes to be essential to prevent sports injury. These two practices significantly help improve muscle strength and flexibility, which are both vital for playing sports.

Never forget to warm up.

Many experts suggest that warmed-up muscles are less susceptible to injuries. Aside from conditioning and stretching, Menos Hiras believes that proper warm-up before games and training is vital for sports injury prevention. It significantly helps prepare an athlete’s body by gradually revving up the cardiovascular system and raising the body temperature, which is essential before aerobic activity.


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