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Welcome to the Menos Hiras WordPress blog! This site is the best place to get to know Menos Hiras and read about a wide variety of subjects, especially relating to the things he loves.

Menos is a Political Science student and plans to apply for law school after he graduates. Because of that, you can expect a few articles related to law school in this page, including advice for taking your LSATs and successfully applying for law school. This is also a good place to get to know the daily life of a law student, as well as a few topics on law here and there.

If you’re a fan of sports, you won’t feel out of place in this blog. Menos works out and used to play varsity soccer throughout the entirety of high school. Expect a few advice on personal training, proper diet, working out, sports, and if the occasion allows it, a few commentaries on recent sports events. Learn how you can be in your optimal health at all times. Finally, this page will talk about the community that Menos was raised in, the same community he makes it a point to give back to in any way he can, often in participation with his community church.